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I started in the sales and marketing industry about four years ago now. After a really short space of time I realised the amount of money that I generated for the client I was representing. That figure was in between £500,000 to £750,000 per annum. Obviously I got paid no way near that amount of money. My immediate thoughts were that if I could teach and train 5, 10, 20 people to do the same thing I could my income would inevitably go up. After seeing the sums and how much money could be gained within the industry in addition to that the potential growth for other people in the industry to do the same I decided to continue my training and incorporate my own company. I ran a sales office in London for about 7 months, decided I had gained enough experience and moved to Belfast at the beginning of March on my own to set up my company.

Never give in

Believe in you and your team

Never forget your long term goals

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